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بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ


The Students of Aleppo write the history of an imminent dawn in which the second rightly guided Khilafah State will rise (Insha'Allah) – On the Friday named for the "Heroes of Aleppo University"

Aleppo University has led Syrian universities with the demonstrations of its youth, which has exhausted the security forces and the (pro-regime) thugs, by their own admission.

As a demonstration at one college is severely suppressed, another demonstration at a sister college comes to support it. Thus the students have tasted the different kinds of torment through the months of the blessed revolution.

Yet their steadfastness, perseverance and determination to overthrow the regime, resulted in many of the neighborhoods of the city of Aleppo moving. So the rebels named Friday 18/05/2012 the 'Friday of Heroes of Aleppo University', as a gesture of honor to them.

While we in Hizb ut-Tahrir congratulate the brave students for such high status, we cannot fail to expose the regime's crimes against unarmed students and chaste female students.

One of its awful crimes was in the University housing compound in city of Aleppo, at dawn on Thursday 3rd May 2012. The security forces and the mad thugs attacked unarmed students, who had only pens, by which they write the history of an impending dawn, with defiant hearts that kneel only to Allah, and throats that shout in the face of the Pharaoh of Sham: "You are unjust, immoral and a traitor."

This crime of the regime, in which some were martyred - and an even greater number wounded, besides over fifty being detained – came on the eve of an expected visit to the University of Aleppo by the (the colluding) observers, which was closed down under the pretext of events.

The Security forces knew in advance the intention of the students in coming out in several demonstrations in the next day. So, they began unspeakably cruel acts, where the university housing was turned into a real battlefield, where the criminals used light and heavy machine guns, teargas bombs, as well as swords. They created an atmosphere of terror among the chaste pure female students – especially after they insulted the most honest and proud of the students in front of the female student housing units, as well as publicly cursing Allah, His deen and His Messenger in public.

However, despite all of that the defiant students gathered the next day in challenge to the tyranny and oppression of the regime. They demonstrated again at the walls of the university housing compounds, insisting on continuing the revolution, in support of the deen of Allah and the blood of the martyrs.

Dear brave, defiant students – young men and women of Aleppo University:

The cruelty of the criminal regime and its thugs in confronting you reveals the extent of their panic because of your demonstrations; for you have made the issue bigger than it is capable of dealing with, which accelerates its demise. This reveals the absurdity of this miserable regime when its lowest creatures (the thugs) kill the honest people who have proved with their steadfastness and the echoes of their takbeer that Allah for them is greater than the tyranny of the Assad.

May Allah bless you as He would bless His righteous servants! Indeed your like are the hope for changing the situation of your Ummah, delivering her from the ruins brought upon her by the rule of this monstrous family.

We urge you, young men and women, to be hand in the hand with members of Hizb ut-Tahrir who work among you and with you, and who spoke out before in the face of this tyrant, and the face of his deceased father, so as to complete the blessed march to achieve the promised news of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and his household, regarding the second guided Khilafah; making Sham the center of its abode, as the Prophet of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم has given good news.

Friday 27th Jumada II 1433


Media Office of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Syria

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